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7 Minute Time Cap

Score = For Time

(100 Points)

Teammates: During WOD 1, a single additional team member may be in the WOD space to reset the active teammates rower.

Score: This is a for-time workout. Time will be called when the athlete makes contact with the 15’ rig cross member (RX) after the final rope climb, or stands to full extension after completing the final rope lower.

Calorie Row: Athlete will remain on the rower until the display shows the required calories have been complete. Either the active athlete or a resting team mate is responsible for resetting their rower.

Toes To Bar: Each rep will begin when the athlete’s heels break the vertical plane of the rig, and end when any part of the athlete’s feet touch the rig. Note that feet must make contact at the same time.

Weighted Sit Ups: Prior to each heat the athlete will have a mark placed at shoulder height on the wall in front of their sit up station. A pair of dumbells will be set up to anchor the athlete’s feet while performing reps. A good rep will consist of the wall ball making contact with the ground behind the athlete’s head and then being thrown to above the mark placed at shoulder height.

Rope Climbs: A good rep will consist of an athlete climbing to the top of a 15’ Rope and touching the grey outrigger with their hand.

Rope Lowers: Prior to each heat, the lane judge will mark the rope with tape at the height of the athlete’s outstretched wrist. Each rep will begin with the athlete’s feet both inside of a 2’x2’ box marked on the ground below the rope, standing tall. A good rep will consist of the athlete lowering themselves to the ground until both shoulders make contact, then, pulling themselves to tall and reaching above the taped line on the rope.



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