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Team of 2

10 Minute Time Cap

Score A-(50 Points): Time to Complete Rounds of Lateral Burpee Over Bar and Cluster

Score B-(50 Points): Combined weight of each athlete’s heaviest successful Cluster

Equipment: Each team will have one barbell, and x4 45#’s, x2 25#’s, x2 15#’s, x2 10#’s, x2 5#’s, x2 2.5#’s

Barbell Weights by Division Rounds 1-2-3:

RX Male: 135-155-185

RX Female: 95-105-125

Scaled Male: 95-115-135

Scaled Female: 65-75-85

Teammates: During WOD 2 the one inactive teammate may assist the two active teammates in loading and unloading the barbell.

Scoring: This workout consists of two scores

A= Total time to complete the three rounds of 20 Lateral Burpee Over Bar and 10 Squat Clean Thrusters

B= The combined weight of the highest successful cluster performed by each teammate.

Division of Labor:

There is no minimum or maximum amount of work for either teammate, work may be divided in any manner. HOWEVER, an athlete must perform a successful cluster in excess of their final weight used in the three rounds for time to receive credit during the 1RM portion.   

Movement Standards:

Lateral Burpee Over Bar: Each rep will begin with the athlete standing parallel to the barbell. A successful rep will consist of the athlete passing through a complete chest to deck push up and then jumping laterally over the barbell. There is no mandate to show extension over the barbell, however, an athlete may not be making ground contact on both sides of the barbell at any given time. EG: The athlete’s feet are still on the ground on one side of the barbell and their hands are on the other “seesawing”.

Squat Clean Thruster: Each rep will begin with the barbell at rest on the ground. A successful rep will consist of the athlete cleaning the weight from the floor, passing through a below parallel front squat, and driving the barbell to a controlled lockout position overhead WITHOUT pausing in the front rack position. Re-dipping to complete the lockout, or “thruster jerking” will NOT be allowed. During the one rep max portion the athlete must wait for the judge to give a down command for the lift to be counted. This command will only be given when the athlete is standing still, their feet on the same plane, with the barbell fully locked out overhead.



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