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10 Minute Time Cap

Score = 100 Total Points (A+B)

Teammates: During WOD 4, both team mates not active in the workout may load the barbell of the active athlete.


Score “A” will be “For Time”. Time will be called with the athlete completes the final Snatch rep of three round portion.

Score “B” will be an “AMRAP”. This score will equal the athlete’s total number of successful snatches at the final weight of the workout.

Format: At the call of “3,2,1...GO!” the athlete will begin accumulating calories on the assault bike. Once the monitor displays the required calorie count, the athlete will be allowed to leave the bike and begin to perform the required ten snatch reps. This process will be completed three times. With the time remaining in the ten minute clock, the athlete will accumulate snatches at the heaviest weight per their division standards.

Movement Standards:

Assault Bike: The athlete must remain in the bike’s seat until the monitor displays the required calories each round. The active athlete -OR- one of the inactive team mates are responsible for resetting the bike’s monitor after each round.

Snatches: Each rep will start from the floor. Both Power and Squat Snatches are acceptable. A good rep will consist of the athlete driving the bar from ground to overhead in one motion. Controlling the bar overhead with elbows, hips and knees, extended and with the feet on the same plane.

Both pressing the bar out from any level below below the top of the head, or the barbell making contact with the athlete’s head, will result in a “No-Rep”.



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