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Score = Time to Complete

100 Points


Teammates: During WOD 5, the inactive team mate may not be in the WOD space.

Score: This is a for-time workout. Time when be called when both 50’ traveling modalities have been completed.


At the call ofAt the call of “3,2,1...GO!” one athlete begins accumulating jump rope reps, one athlete is resting. The two teammates may alternate who is working whenever they choose, however only one is ever working at a time.

Division of Labor:

There is no minimum or maximum amount of work for either teammate, work may be divided in any manner.

Movement Standards:

50’ Travel Course, General: The 50’ distance will consist of a 25’ out and back course. This length will be subdivided into 5’ sections.

Handstand Walk: Each attempt will begin with the athlete’s entire hand behind a clearly marked line. The minimum distance that can be completed at a time is 5’. For a section to count both of the athlete’s hands must clearly travel beyond the 5’ line before any other part of the athlete’s body touches the ground.

Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge: Acceptable dumbbell lunges will consist of both of the athlete’s feet completely behind the starting line. The athlete’s rear knee must touch the ground and their hips must pass through an open position as they travel forward. “Duck Walking” Will not be allowed.

The athlete may not collect their feet and “stutter step” forward before beginning the next lunge step. Each lunge begins with the feet on the same plane.

Both of the dumbbells must remain overhead without making contact with any part of the athlete’s body. Elbows do not need to remain locked out.

The athlete may come to a stop and rest the dumbbells on their shoulder or in a farmer’s carry position. However, any forward travel without the dumbbells overhead, or if they touch the ground, will result in the athlete being sent back to the previous 5’ marker.

GHD Sit Ups: A good rep will consist of the athlete starting with both hands in contact with any portion of the upper foot pad and end once the athlete has reached the ground at any point behind the top of their head and returned back to contact with the upper foot pad.

Note: The Scaled division will perform their GHDs through a modified range of motion. Each scaled station will have Wall Ball sitting in the middle of a standard Hi-Temp crumble 45# plate. Scaled athletes will be required to touch any portion of the Wall Ball during their repetition.

Double Unders: For a rep to be counted the jump rope must travel underneath the athlete’s feet twice during each jump.

Single Unders: For a rep to be counted the jump rope must travel underneath the athlete’s feet once during each jump.



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