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wod 6
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A= Total Time to Complete all Required Calories

B= Total reps accumulated



Box Jump Over 30/24”

Deadlift 225/155

Dumbbell Thruster 50/35

Bag Over Shoulder 100/70



Box Jump Over 24/20”

Deadlift 185/125

Dumbbell Thruster 35/20

Bag Over Shoulder 70/50


Teammates: All three teammates are required for WOD 6.

Format: Each team will begin at the end of a lane consisting of four stations, each with either an Assault Bike or Rower, and an AMRAP implement. At the call of “3,2,1...GO” one team member begins accumulating calories on the Assault Bike, one begins accumulating box jump over reps. The team may rotate who is working on the calories or on the AMRAP in any order they choose. Once a station’s required calories are displayed on the monitor, the team will rotate to the next station. However, the team may not begin accumulating AMRAP reps until the monitor on the Assault Bike or Rower reads “1”.  The team will repeat this format until all required calories are completed or time expires.

Division of Labor: There is no minimum or maximum amount of work for any team member. All work may be divided in any fashion.

Movement Standards:

Assault Bike / Calorie Row: The active athlete must remain in the seat until the monitor reads the required calories.

Box Jump Over: A good rep will consist of an athlete leaving the ground from two feet, passing over the top of the box, and landing on the other side. The athlete does not have to make contact with the top of the box, however, the athletes feet may not pass outside the vertical plane of the box’s edge. RX athletes who do land on the box’s top are required to jump to dismount. Scaled athletes will be allowed to step-down from the box.

Deadlift: A good rep will consist of the bar being pulled from the floor to a fully locked out position with the hip and knees extended. Intentional bouncing of the bar will result in a “no-rep”.

Dumbbell Thrusters: Acceptable reps will consist of the athlete standing with both dumbbells in the front rack position, with some portion of each dumbbell making contact with the athlete’s shoulders, descending to a hip crease below knee squat, and then driving both dumbbells to a locked out position overhead. A good lockout will consist of both elbows being fully extended with the athlete’s hands stacked vertically over the shoulders with the knees and hips extended.

Bag Over Shoulder: In each rep the bag will begin on the floor. To complete a good rep the athlete must pick the bag from the floor and send it over their shoulder to the ground on the other side. The bag must pass clearly over the athlete’s shoulder, not over the top of their arm.



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