South Slope CrossFit – Gun Slingers

Strength A

Alternating Every 1:30 x 12 Rounds

A: Bench Press x 5 Reps 60=70%

B: Banded Lat Pull Downs x 8-12

Bench Press (5-5-5-5-5-5)

Record weight used in sets of 5.

Strength B

EMOM x 14


A: Max Consistent Ring Dips. If able to perform a minimum of 5 each round, wear a weight vest, Goal = 6 rep minimum. Modify with toe assisted or perform 2-3 smaller sets to achieve volume.

B: 5 Lying banded pull overs.

**Set up using a PVC/wooden dowel and increase banded resistance for challenging sets of 5.

Ring Dips (Varied)

Record Total number of ring dips accumulated. Note if vest was used

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