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South Slope CrossFit – Gun Slingers


Metcon (Time)

With Partner, For Total Time

Ski Erg Meter

Row, Meter

Athletes work simultaneously on each machine, switching when their partner has completed that section.

Male Ladder

200/200 – 400/400 – 600/600 – 400/400 – 200/200

Female Ladder

150/150 – 300/300 – 450/450 – 300/300 – 200/200


Optional Gymnastics Strength

Alt EMOM x 16

A: Strict Handstand

B: Strict Pull Up

RX+ = Perform with Weight Vest. ***Only if able to maintain 5+ reps while wearing***

Strict Handstand Push Ups (Varied)

Record total number of strict HSPU reps accumulated

Strict Pull Ups (Varied)

Record total number of Strict Pull Up reps accumulated

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