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South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit

Strength A

Every 1:30 x 4 Rounds

x1 Squat Snatch, Pause Below Knee + Squat Snatch from Hang

Ascending from 60-70%

—3 Minute Break—

EMOM x 20

x1 Squat Snatch

Goal = Starting @ 70%, adding weight every five reps

Squat Snatch (5 x 1)

Record heaviest singles performed in final five minutes of EMOM


Strength B

Alternating Every 2:00 x 15

A: Back Squat x 2 Reps @ 85%

B: Bench Press x 3 Reps @ 80%

C: Max Consistent Strict CTB Pull Up

Goal = 8+ Each Round

Back Squat (5 x 2)

Record weight used for Back Squat doubles

Bench Press (5 x 3)

Record weight used for Bench Press triples.

Strict CTB Pull Ups (Varied)

Record strict CTB reps accumulated


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 Minute AMRAP

Buy In: 50 GHD Sit Ups

Time Remaining, AMRAP of:

8 OVHS 95/65

30 Double Unders

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

22 Minute AMRAP

With Partner, Any Division of Work

100 Burpee to Target

14 Rope Climbs

100 Handstand Push Ups

30 Sandbag Over Shoulder 150/100

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