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Running Mechanics


Stride- Falling, Catching, Pulling

Active Ankles

Neutral Gaze

Common Faults:

Heel Striking

Bending/folding at the hip

Reaching too far in the stride (putting on the brakes)

Pushing the foot down instead of pulling the foot up

Torso straight up and down instead of in a forward lean

x2 Down and back x3

Hop in Place, x3 Forward Lean Hop

***Pause at turn around to review***

x2 Down and Back, one trip of Right Leg Pull, one trip of Left Leg Pull


Every 3:30 x 8 Rounds

400m Run

***Rounds 1-3 are performed with a partner. Partner B follows Partner A, switching at the 200m mark. During the rest interval, discuss observed faults.

***For the remaining 5 rounds, run as an individual. Goal = Neutral Splits***

Metcon (No Measure)

In comments, record your 2019 running goal.

EG: Sub 20 Minute 5k


Strength A

Alternating Every 2:00 x 10 Rounds

A: Snatch Sweep to Pause Below Knee (Not Completing the sweep to the hip)

Goal = 85-90% x 3 for all sets

B: Power Snatch from Floor

:40 to accumulate quality reps

Goal = Accumulate 25+ Reps @ 70%

Snatch Sweep to Knee (5 x 3)

Record weight used in pause at knee drill

Power Snatch (Varied)

Record total reps accumulated @ 70%


Metcon (Time)

For Time, With Partner

300(240) Calorie Assault Bike

EMOM Until Completion =

3 Sandbag Over Shoulder @ 150/100


5 Sandbag Over Shoulder @ 100/70

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