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South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit


15 Minutes

Hollow Body – Pull Ups – Toes to Bar

–Beat swings:

2 Sets Each

–Scap pull ups

–Shoulder swing

–Hip Swing

–Full Swing

2 Sets of:

Box resisted open-close

Review Pull Ups and Toes to Bar

Strength A

EMOM x 8

–Max consistent Pull Ups

3 Minute Break

EMOM x 8

–Max consistent Toes to Bar

Pull Ups (8 x Varied)

Record total pull ups accumulated

Toes to Bar (8 x Varied)

Record total toes to bar accumulated


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Minute AMRAP

Burpees to Target


Strength B

Squat Snatch (5 x 2)

Every 2:00 x 4 Rounds

x1 Pause Below the Knee Squat Snatch + x1 No Pause Below Knee Squat Snatch

Start @ 50%, building to 70%


Every 3:00 x 5 Rounds

x2 Squat Snatch, Goal = 85% across


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for Time

4 Squat Snatch 135/95

8 Deficit Kipping HSPU (45#)

30 Double Unders

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