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South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit


(18 Minutes)

Handstand Push Ups

–Movement review

–Pike HSPU on Box Capacity Test


Rx (>8 reps on box test):

x3 Kick up And Hold

x4 Kick up and Tempo Lower

Scale 1 (3-7 reps on box test):

x3 Kick up And Hold

x4 Tempo Lower on Box in Pike

Scale 2 (0-2 reps on box test):

x5 Tempo Lower on Box in Pike or on knees


Warm Up / Fault ID:

x3 Warm Up Sets of 3-5 Reps


Handstand Push Ups

Every 2:00 x 6 Rounds

–Perform two sets of kipping HSPU. Work time NTE 1:00

–Goal = 1 Moderate + 1 Small Set EG: 8+4, 12+6, etc..

–Scale 1—>sets on box in perfect pike

–Scale 2—>sets on box with knees on abmat

Kipping Handstand Push Ups (Varied)

Record total HSPU accumulated.


(6 Minutes)

Assault Bike

—Discuss Saddle/Set Up for 2 Minutes, then have them hop on bike

3-4 Minutes of Guided Skill work


4 Rounds for Max Total Calories

1:30 AMRAP Assault Bike Calories

00:30 Rest

Metcon (Calories)

Record Assault Bike Calories accumulated.


Strength A


Set Every 2:00 x 8 Rounds

Power Clean + Power Jerk + Split Jerk

Goal = All sets performed @ 75-80%

**May increase load for final two sets if quality remains constant**


Alternating EMOM x 12

A: Reverse Barbell OVH Lunge x 8 Reps (4 Each Leg), Moderate weight

B: x1 Set Max Consistent Strict Pull Ups (If able to perform at least 6 total each round, use Chest to Bar)

Power Clean + Power Jerk + Split Jerk (8 x 3)

Record weight used for Clean + Jerk Complex

Reverse Barbell OVH Lunge (7 x 8)

Record weight used for barbell overhead lunge sets.

Strict Pull Ups (7 x Varied)

Record total strict pull ups accumulated


Metcon (Time)

Team of Three

For Time

Against a 10 Minute Clock

50/35 Calorie Assault Bike, Each Team Member


50 Toes to Bar

25 Sandbag Over Shoulder (150/100


50 Sandbag Squats (150/100)

**The first team mate can begin accumulating reps on the chipper as soon as they have completed their calorie bike buy in. Their team mates can join them, distributing the reps in any fashion, once their buy in is completed*

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