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5 Rounds for QUALITY

A: 30’+30′ Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge

***Weight athlete’s choice. Alternate arm at 30′ turn around***

B: 10 Lateral Step-Up and Over

***1 Rep = Stepping up Laterally to Tall + Lowering both feet down to other side. Ideally performed on a 20″ box. Perform with barbell on back rack. May increase load if quality remains***

C: 10 Renegade Row, With Push Up

***10 Each Arm , Each Round. Weight=Athletes choice so long as set is unbroken***

DB Overhead Walking Lunge (5 x 60′)

Record weight used for single arm overhead lunge 30’+30′

Lateral Step Up+Over (5 x 10)

Record weight used for step overs

DB Renegade Row (5 x 20)

Record weight used for renegade rows

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