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South Slope CrossFit – American Heavy Athletics


Strength A

AM Session:


30 Calorie Row, 5 Down, 5 Up

2 Rounds:

–8 Band Pass Thru

–8 Band Pull Aparts

–8 Band OHP

2 Rounds:

–8 Band Around Knees Glute Bridge

–6 Ea Arm KB Bottoms up Press

A: Log Clean and Press

Every 5:00 x 5 Rounds

x5 Presses

***Goal = All sets @ 185-205***

B: Push Pull

6 Rounds for Quality

–6 Alt Arm Seated DB Press

–2 Sets of Strict Pull Ups (Goal 8-10 total)

C: Accessory

Crossover Symmetry

Log Clean and Press Away (5 x 5)

Record weight used for sets of log clean and press

Seated DB Press (6 x 6(ea))

Record weight used for sets of 6 Seated DB Presses

Strict Pull Up (12 x Varied)

Record Total Strict Pull Ups Accumulated

Strength B

PM Session


–Foam Roll Posterior, Quads

30 Calorie Row (5 Down, 5 Up)

2 Rounds:

8 Frankie + Quad Pull

8 Each Direction Banded Side Steps, 8 Stiff Leg, 8 Bent Leg

5 Glute Bridges

–x1 Set of 10 Reps, Rig Air Squat, Banded Around Knees

A: Safety Squat Bar, No Bench

**Build to challenging set of x3 Reps. Goal = 90%***

**Suggested approach, sets every 4-5 minutes, resting as needed.

50%x6, 60%x4, 70%x2, 75%x1 83%x1***

A2: Safety Squat Bar, No Bench

***Resting as needed, perform 3 x 8 Reps @ 60% of today’s heaviest triple***

B: Accessory, Midline Conditioning

:20 Work, :40 Rest

6 Rounds

–GHD Sit Ups

–Pallof Left

–Pallof Right

–GHD Reverse Leg Raises (Rev. Hyper style)

Safety Squat Bar 3RM, No Bench (1 x 3)

Record heaviest successful triple in the Safety Squat Bar

Safety Bar Squat (No bench) (3 x 8 )

Record weight used for Safety Squat Bar Back Squat


Warm Up:

30 Calorie Row (5 Down, 5 Up)

Crossover Symmetry Warm Up Circuit

2 Rounds:

–6 Band P-Thru

–6 Band Pull Aparts

–8 Banded Straight + Bent Leg Side Steps

2 Rounds:

–5 Pallof Press Each Side

–3 Knee Jumps

Drill / Barbell Warm Up:

–2 Rounds, 5 Reps Each

–Split Press

–Drop Jerk

Building weight

3 Sets of

2 Pause Dip Split Jerk, 1 No Pause


A: Rack Split Jerk

Set Every 4:00 x 6 Rounds

x2 Reps

**Goal, start @ 190 for sets 1-3, increasing load for final reps, if solid**

B: Squat + Push + Pull

6 Rounds for Quality, Rest As Needed

A: Back Squat 80% x 2 Reps (Surprise)

B: Split Press x10 Reps (Alternate stance each set, use same weight for both sets even if one side is considerably easier)

C: Strict Pull Ups (Perform two sets to achieve 8+ reps)

D: Barbell Hip Thrust

-Rest as needed

5 Sets of 8 Reps

Split Jerk (Rack) (6 x 2)

Record weight used for Split Jerks

Back Squat (6 x 2)

Strict Pull Up (6 x Varied)

Record Total Strict Pull Ups Accumulated

Split Press (6 x 10)

Record weight used for barbell split press. (Jerk Stance)

Barbell Hip Thrusts (5 x 8)

Record weight used for Barbell Hip Thrust

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