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South Slope CrossFit – American Heavy Athletics


Warm Up:

30 Calorie Row (5 Down, 5 Up)

1 Round of:

–4×8 Banded Side Step (2 Sets Stiff Leg, 2 Sets Bent Knee/Hip)

–10 Barbell Hip Thrust

2 Rounds:

–5 Pallof Press Each Side

–3 Knee Jumps

A: Back Squat, One Rep Max

Warm Up: x2 Paused Reps 50-60-70%

Taking a Set Every 5:00

Build to one Rep Max Attempt

75%x1, 83%x1, 88%x1, 95%x1 (295)

Goal = 315#

—Snatch Warm Up

2 Rounds Of:

–10 Sots Squat Lift, Alt Arms

–5 Crossover Symmetry Sweep

–5 Banded OVHS

B: Three Position Snatch

–Floor, Hang Below Knee, High Hang

Set Every 4:00 x 6 Rounds

**Goal = 2 Sets @ 70%, attempting to increase weight for sets 3-6**

**May drop bar after snatch from floor, preferably not dropping between hang snatches**

C: Accessory + Paused Squats

5 Rounds for Quality

–x2 Paused Back Squats @ 70% of today’s heaviest rep

–x6 No Hip Pocket Muscle Snatch

D: Crossover Symmetry

Back Squat (1 x 1)

Three Position Snatch (6 x 3)

Record weight used for Snatch Complex

–From Floor

–From Hang Below Knee

–From High Hang

Paused Back Squat (5 x 2)

Record weight used for paused back squats

Pocket No Hip Muscle Snatch (5 x 6)

Record weight used for No Hip Muscle Snatch

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