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Holleyman (Time)

30 Rounds for time of:

5 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# /14#

3 Handstand Push-ups

1 Power Clean, 225#/ 155#
In honor of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman, 27, of Glasgow, MT, was killed on August 30, 2004
To learn more about Holleyman click here
***40 MINUTE CAP***

Scoring: If you capped out, every rep not completed before the cap = 1 second added to the 40 minute clock.

(e.g. Athlete A finished 29 full rounds, plus 2 Wall Balls. This means they left 7 reps on the table, so their score would be 40:07)



Snatch Complex

1 Pause Below Knee Power Snatch, Floor

+ 1 Squat Snatch from Hang Above the Knee

Set Every 3:00 x 6 Rounds

Goal = 70%, all sets

Snatch Complex (6 x 1+1)

Record weight used in Snatch Complex assignment.



Gymanstics Conditioning

EMOM x 20


A: Max Consistent Strict Pull Ups (Work NTE :30)

B: 10 Hand Release Push Ups

C: Max Consistent Strict Toes to Bar (Work NTE :30)

D: 10 Hand Release Push Ups

Strict Pull Up (5 x Varied)

Record Total Strict Pull Ups Accumulated

Strict Toes-To-Bar (5 x Varied)