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South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit


Choose Three Assignments to Perform

10 Minute Work Clock

5 Minute Transitions

A: Max 50+50′ Yoke Carry

B: Max 50+50′ Farmer’s Carry

C: Max Log Clean and Press

D: Max Wagon Wheel Deadlift

***If an athlete already has a max effort recorded then they should accumulate quality reps / trips @ 80% of their best effort.

***Yoke = 185#, Farmer’s = 35#/Ea, Logs = 135/75#, Wagon Wheels = 45#/Ea

Yoke, Max Carry (1 x Max Effort 50+50′)

100′(50+50) For Max Load

Work time NTE 1:00

Farmer’s Carry, Max Effort (1 x Max Effort 50’+50)

Record heaviest successful Farmer’s Carry. Note in comments distance assigned.

Log Clean and Press, 1 Rep Max (1 x 1)

Record heaviest successful Log Clean and Press

Wagon Wheel Deadlift (Regular Bar) (1 x 1)

Record weight used in Wagon Wheel Deadlift assignment.

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