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South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit

Strength A

EMOM x 18

**Work NTE :20

A: Deficit Deadlift (35# Plates)

Goal = 70% x 3 Sets 1-4, increasing load for final two if bar speed is good.

B: Strict Pull Ups

Goal = Accumulate quality reps. Perform CTB if possible.

C: Strict Ring Dips

Goal = Accumulate quality reps.

Deficit Deadlift (6 x 3)

Record weight used and sets/reps accumulated in Deficit Assignment. Note in comments the height of deficit.

Strict Pull Up (6 x Varied)

Record Total Strict Pull Ups Accumulated

Ring Dips (6 x Varied)



Gymnastics Conditioning:

6 Rounds for Quality:

–2-4 Box Resisted Open Close

–Max Unbroken Strict HSPU -OR- if less than five reps, perform two sets. Otherwise modify with box bear HSPU.

10 Rounds for Quality :

–5-8 Seated Leg Lifts

–10 Frog Squats (Feet together, knees together)

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