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South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit


With Partner

2 Rounds of:

1 Minute Work, :30 Rest / Transition

1: Partner Banded Shuttles (Rig to Rig)

2: Partner Resisted Candle Sticks

3: Partner Banded Shuttles (Rig to Rig)

4: Partner Resisted Candle Sticks

5: Plank + KB Drag

6: Lateral Russian Twist Wall Ball Passes

7: Devil Press (35/20)

—One partner performs a rep while the other partner holds their DBs overhead. DBs must be overhead for reps to occur.

8: Partner butterfly sit up + wall ball toss

****2 Minute Rest between rounds****

**Plank KB Drag = Both partners in plank side by side. Partners pull KB from side to side, both performing a push up after KB changes sides.

**Banded Shuttle = Partner A holds band around Partner B’s waist during shuttle run.

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