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South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit


Bodyweight Flow 18 Rounds

:45 Work – :15 Transition

–Knee Jumps (RX+ attempt to land on plates) (Modify with broad jumps)


–Walking Samson Lunge

–Bear Crawl

–Snow Angels

–Jumping Lateral + Front Jacks

***All movements are for quality / maximum range of motion. No need to stay unbroken during the work clock.

***Break dancer demo. Note that you can make the movement more difficult by lifting the opposite arm up towards the ceiling as the leg shoots through the plank.


If Body Weight Flow was performed earlier in the week:

For Total Time:

Goal = Neutral Splits

4 Rounds

1k Row

1 Minute Break

Metcon (Time)

Record total time to complete Rowing assignment.

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