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South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit


EMOM x 32


:30 Work Each

A: Sandbag Clean (To Shoulder, Not Over)

Weight = Athlete’s Choice

B: Calorie Bike

C: GHD Sit Ups

D: Calorie Row

Get Fit Conditioning

***Classes @ 7:15 AM and 9:30 AM 9-26-2019

***Optional for all programming tracks

“Hurry Up Already”

Pacer\Partner Challenge

8:00 AMRAP Group Challenge Buy-In of alternating:

300m Jog, completing x10 seal jacks and x10 lateral toe touches at 1\2 way and finish line

100m Sprint, completing x10 knee hug jumping jacks and x10 squat to frankie at 1\2 way and finish

Demo\Rest 2:00

—-10:00 AMRAP Pacer\Partner Challenge 1:

Pacer(cardio): Plate O/H Walking Lunge-Rig to Rig

Partner(skill): AMRAP x10 Plate GTOH x10 Plate Jack Press

Switch when Pacer completes Lunges

Demo\Rest 3:00

—–10:00 AMRAP Pacer\Partner Challenge 2:

Pacer(cardio): x30 Plate Laterals x30 Plate Circular Toe Taps

Partner(skill): AMRAP x10 Plate Alt. S\L Deadlift x10 Plate Standing Twist

Switch when Pacer completes x30 of both movements

Demo\Rest 2:00

—–3:00 to complete Individual Challenge Cash Out:

X50 feet on plate plank jacks

X50 jump onto plate froggers

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