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South Slope CrossFit – Gun Slingers


Warm-up (No Measure)

Rowing Skill EMOMx9

A: Legs Only

B: Legs+Back

C: Full Stroke

***Stroke rate ideally stays the same throughout***

**Switch monitor to watts/peak power display**

Then: 400m Ski with Stiff Arms @ Damper of 4


Metcon (Distance)

Handstand Walk:

If Proficient:

Set up 30′ long course with a foam roller every 5. Draw a chalk line directly through the center of the course under each foam roller.

EMOM x 10

:20 Sec Max Distance through course

If Developing:

Practice kick ups with partner


EMOM x 12

:20 Head-shoulder-feet wall hold + Shoulder Touches


Accessory / Recovery:

Alt EMOM x 12

Work NTE: 20

A: DB Curl, Alt Arms, to pump town

B: Max Consistent Ring Push Ups

With light band:

Alt EMOM x 25

A: 10 Banded OHP

B: 10 Band Pull Aparts

C: 10 Lying banded pull-over

D: 10 Banded OVHS

E: 10 KB Bottoms up OVH Lunge

5 Minute Wall Ball Passing Game

With Partner or Group

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